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How to choose a good barbecue apron?

What makes an apron more or less suitable for the barbecue?

You don't know it yet, but you may already own a barbecue apron! In fact, Atelier Lapasse recommends the reuse of objects you already own before buying a new barbecue apron, even if it is made in Quebec!

First, let's take inventory of the characteristics and properties of a good bbq apron:

The fibres that are used for the fabric in which the barbecue apron is made

The fibres used for the apron's front panel must be natural fibres! Fibres such as polyester, nylon, etc. should be avoided. In short, anything that is an artificial fiber is to be banned for a bbq apron, since the intense heat released by the grill can cause flare-ups and therefore very dangerous situations. Moreover, a natural fiber such as cotton does not melt and thus there is no risk of burns on the skin. Imagine a piece of clothing melting on our body because of the heat and avoid this risk by opting for 12 oz cotton canvas is preferable to ensure a durable protection. Waxed cotton is an interesting option because it can simply be wiped clean with a cloth since it provides waterproofness without containing artificial materials.

The comfort of the apron for a grill that lasts all day

Indeed, when you are in charge of a mechoui or sometimes even several barbecues and grills at the same time for a large event, the day can be quite difficult for the neck. Crossed back apron models can be much more comfortable for the long hours of running a barbecue party.

In summary, many types of aprons can work for the bbq manager, as long as you avoid artificial fibers like polyester. The following aprons offered in our online store are perfect for this type of activity since they are made of 100% cotton canvas of 12 oz minimum.

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