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Unisex apron designed and made in Montreal.




  • Designed for durability from high-quality reclaimed beige leather;




  • Crossed back straps are adjustable at the waist and ensure an optimal, comfortable fit, perfect for long workdays or people with sensitive necks;




  • Long straps at apron waist to ensure a fit that can go around one to two waist sizes.




JOALLERIE-inspired apron: Offers protection against heat. Apron is reversible depending on use. On the suede side (skin used with the flesh side out), it can be used to protect against heat and to protect clothing underneath. On the leather side, it can be used to protect against splashes, as the surface is very easy to wash;

REVERSIBLE full leather apron - BEIGE

  • Wash in cold water with similar colors and dry flat. No heat.

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